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Brian Colombana unfolds the facts sheet to show the grim reality!

When you feel this summer is hotter than last year then, it is due to climate change. If you are experiencing floods almost every rain, then it is due to global warming. When you are suffering from droughts and running short of showers, then it is deforestation. All these are because of climate changes. Brian Colombana enlists the facts that will reveal the extent of the disaster. You can start working at your home level to improve the global condition and mitigate the damage.

Climate change facts you should know

Fact# 1 The CO2 (Carbon dioxide) concentration in the atmosphere was the highest in July 2021 since human history.

Fact# 2 The Year 2020 was warmest in than other years in the past few decades. The NOAA shows that the average global temperature in 2020 was 1.76-degree Fahrenheit, the hottest in the 20th century. 

Fact# 3 11% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation by humans and not from vehicles on roads.

Fact# 4 Planting more trees is the only solution as tropical forests help store carbon and reduce the damage by at least one-third. However, nature-based solutions are only 3% contribution to climate repair.

Fact# 5 Restoration of forests and planting more trees can create 39 jobs / million dollars. This means it is like creating jobs more than six times more than the oil and gas industries.

Fact# 6 July 2021 was the hottest month in the entire decade. The NOAA says this July was warmest than any other July month record since 1880.

Fact# 7 800 million people suffer from natural calamities, including floods, heatwaves, droughts, and sea-level rise. This means 11% of the global population is vulnerable to minor and significant climate impacts.

Fact# 8 Only 0.7% of the world’s forests are coastal mangroves, but they have ten times more capacity to store up the carbon than the tropical forests can do per hectare.

Fact# 9 Continuous loss of mangroves will soon make the entire Rhizophora mangle vanish by the next century. Presently, there is a loss of 800,000 hectares every year. 

Fact# 10 Conserving the ecosystem is cheaper than looking for repair options. Human inventions are more damaging.

Fact# 11 More than 185 countries are on board for the 2015 Paris agreement, which is working towards the mitigation of global warming by adopting climate change policies and protecting nature.

Fact# 12 More than $140 billion is the annual cost to make humanity changes to help save the global warming issues. This amount looks more but, it is less than 0.2% of the world GDP. 


The effects of climate change are colossal and now more evident. Brian Colombana suggests some simple measures to counter the damage. Just plant more trees, eat locally grown food, use renewable energy and avoid plastic. Lower the emission by walking more or use cycle. Switch the lights off if you don’t need them. These are some minimal exercises you and your family can do to save this planet. All have to work together in conversation and preservation to save the only world that has life.

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