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An Extensive Guide To The Brian Colombana Grant

Brian Colombana

Brian Colombana Grant is a charitable organization founded by Brian Colombana, who generously donates to the fund to give back to the people who made him successful. The organization has assisted several charities, including those that support children, the elderly, and veterans. Grantees are given a one-time award of 1000 dollars which they can use as they see fit.

The grants will be awarded on August 15th, 2022, when the names of respective awardees will be announced. However, the applications for this remain open till August 1st. So, if you are looking for a grant to financially support your graduation or post-graduation, you can go through the complete application process and apply for it. 

All donations received go towards their goal, ensuring that every student in need receives help regardless of their ability or situation. In addition, the organization is concerned with the general goal of aiding people in need; this means that they do not discriminate against anyone and help everyone who needs assistance. 

About Brian Colombana

Hard work and dedication are two main pillars that helped Brain reach this point in his life. Brian’s family was frequently shifting places as a child due to his father’s job at NASA. This led to providing him with great exposure to different communities, people, and, most of all, the education system. The majority of the days of his childhood were spent in Seattle in the region of the Pacific Northwest. 

Brian graduated with flying colors from Edmonds Woodway High School. He also had a great interest in sports and played almost every sport, including basketball, baseball, soccer, football, shaft vaulting, wrestling, and even golf. He was a prodigy who was constantly contending with numerical operations during his years of graduation. 

He was a man of team spirit who was always cherishing every opportunity he could find both on and off the field. Once secondary school was over, He joined the prestigious University of Washington in Seattle to pursue further education to become a software engineer (and intramural games). 

Software engineering turned out just right for Brain, and he graduated with distinction & solid knowledge in Business Administration. 

Additionally, he completed a course based on Business Law in 2002, for which he moved to Los Angeles to join the School of Law at Southwestern University. During this time, he joined the Sigma Chi organization with the notion of doing something for society. 

About Brian Colombana Grant

Brian started this charitable Grant to help the poor and challenged students of the society. He generously donates funds to this mission to give back to the people who made him successful. Brain Colombana Grant involves an award of 1000 dollars as a one-time award to be used as the winner sees fit. The organization has assisted several charities, including those that support children, the elderly, and veterans.

Any student currently studying at a college, school, or university accredited by responsible authorities in the USA can apply for this Grant. You have to fill out an application and an essay to depict your thinking and decision-making power. Experts then assess your application and this essay to decide the winners of the Brian Colombana Grant. If you are looking to apply for it, then here are a few things you need to know about:

  • A maximum of $1000 is offered as a one-time award to the grantees.
  • Applicants need to be a student of an authorized school/college/university in the USA.
  • A maximum of two scholarships ($1000 each) are awarded to students belonging to a particular university.

Apart from this, the application is quite straightforward, and you can apply for it till August 1st. Moreover, you can be rest assured that there is no bias of any type, and experts decide on winners without any preference except for the level of knowledge.

How To Apply for Brian Colombana Grant?

All donations received go towards their goal, ensuring that every student in need receives help regardless of their ability or situation. The organization is concerned with the general goal of aiding people in need. This means that they do not discriminate against anyone and help everyone who needs assistance. Take a look at the complete process of applying for the Brain Colombana Grant.

  • To apply, you need to mail a word document in Google Doc in a double spaced, 12 point text font printed format. 
  • Additionally, you have to type an essay of around 750-800 words on the topic, “If you were to start your own business today, what would it be, and how would your company support the fight against climate change?”
  • Once you have finished writing your essay, you can mail it to the email id info@briancolombanagrant.com.

The Brian Colombana Grant (BCG) is the largest scholarship program globally (in terms of monetary value). This organization helps children, the elderly, and veterans with their post-secondary education by awarding a $1000 grant to each applicant every year. The BCG application opens once every year. Brian’s goal is to help those who need assistance but may not be able to receive it due to financial reasons.

Additional Information To Be Mentioned

This essay will represent your thinking capacity and horizon of knowledge. Give your best while writing this essay and make it as much information as possible. After finishing the essay, your application must follow this information:

  • Name (First & Last), Phone Number
  • Complete mailing address
  • Complete Email Address
  • Date of completing your graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

Make sure the university/college you are applying to have to be accepted and enrolled with a central authority. On top of it, you need to add a personal bio under the 290 characters limit. Finally, involve all your current as well as last GPA score.

After completing the application form, forward it to the above-shared email address. You will receive a confirmation email after your application is received on their end. So here you have it that was all about BrianColombana Grant. If you have any queries about it, you can communicate with the respective organization through their official email address.

Who Can Apply for Brian Colombana Grant?

Brian Colombana Grant (BCG) is a scholarship program that helps students make their dreams come true. Students selecting the graduate program can apply for this Grant. Every year, the annual amount of $1000 is given to the selected applicant. 

A maximum of $1000 is awarded as a one-time grant to the selected applicant. The application starts in August and closes in the same month. Students need to meet all the following criteria to be eligible for the Brian Colombana Grant:

  • The applicant must be enrolled with an accredited college or university in the USA.
  • You have to be enrolled in any course of study and not pursue graduate, professional or vocational programs.
  • You must be a dependent living at home or in an institution. 

A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for applicants cumulating graduations (both undergraduate and graduate-level) from institutions/universities approved by central authorities in the USA. 

To apply for Brian Colombana Grant, you must complete the application form. Then, fill in all necessary information (including your full name, phone number, and email address) and submit it to the email address listed. You will receive a confirmation message once your application is successfully sent. Important dates for Brian Colombana Grant application:

  • August 1st – application starts
  • August 15th – application closes

Any student currently enrolled in an accredited university or college approved by the responsible authorities in the USA can be considered for this Grant. The Grant covers students dependent on living at home or in an institution. You have to be studying undergraduate level courses only, and you must be enrolled with the university/college in the USA, accredited by responsible authorities.

Brian Colombana Grant Application Guidelines

  • This Grant is offered to graduate students only. If you meet the Brian Colombana grant criteria, you can apply for it. Fill in all required information, such as your full name, phone number, and email address, and submit it to the shared email id. 
  • If selected, you will be awarded $1000, non-transferable and non-reissuable. After that, you will not get any confirmation from Brian Colombana Grant Application Center (BCG), but they will send a confirmation message if your application has been received on their end. BCG is a one-time grant, and therefore you cannot re-apply after winning this Grant.

Brian Colombana Grant For Graduate Students

Graduate students studying in an authorized college/university in the USA can apply for this scholarship. However, you must be a part of an organization held responsible for the certification of the university/college. Since the BCG is a one-time grant, applicants must be enrolled at an accredited university/college in the USA with a valid study permit.

If you have already graduated or have been awarded your bachelor’s degree or higher, you cannot apply. You will receive a confirmation email (if your application has been sent) once the application has been received on their end. The maximum amount of $1000 is available to graduate students to spend as they wish.

Benefit Of Applying for Brian Colombana Grant

Who doesn’t want to have some extra money to spend on anything they like. Money boosts up your spirit and encourages you to do more and more. Brian Colombana Grant (BCG) awardees and winners get $1000 once a year as an award they can use as they deem fit. The application is open to all students a financial help, so there is no age bar or qualification criteria. However, you need to have a strong desire to pursue higher education, which will help you in the long run. Here are some benefits you can look forward to by applying for Brian Colombana Grant:

  1. Get Financial Support For Your Education

Nowadays, good quality education doesn’t come for cheap. You need to pay heavy tuition and admission fee to pursue your studies. The BCG award is given to the student every year. You can use it to pay your tuition, college fees, accommodation charges, and any other fees associated with your studies. If you possess what it takes, you will be entitled to a $1000 grant by the Brian Colombana organization.

  • Learn Something New

This organization aims to help all those in need irrespective of their race, gender, and class. The BCG award always comes with the knowledge and skill set of the applicant. So if you want to learn something new, apply for this Grant as it allows you to develop new skills and enhance your knowledge base by learning something new which will help you in your work later or even in life.

  • Reduce New University Tuition Costs

Taking tuition from your pocket is always a tough task. The fees for both graduation and post-graduation can reach thousands of dollars depending on the college/university you are applying for. But getting an award can reduce the burden of tuition fees. Even if you cannot afford to pay full tuition, applying for Brian Colombana Grant will help you lessen the burden. This scholarship is given to students as a part of their US education. 

  • Direct Financial Assistance for the Course of your Choice

Brian Colombana Grant is awarded upon the student’s choice of course. The student can apply for this Grant if he/she is enrolled in a college/university of their choice. It allows them to study in any field they like. Brian Colombana Grant covers all graduate-level courses, so anyone can apply for it concerning the course they like and are interested in pursuing their education further with it.

  • Peace of Mind

Don’t think too much about your education just because you do not have enough money for your courses on your own. No longer do you have to wander around managing your college or university fees. Brian Colombana Grant can be the perfect supporter for your educational expenses. You will get an award that can help you financially pursue your education in the university/college of your choice. Apply now!

Get Help with Experiments and Projects in the College/University Campus

Brian Colombana Grant award is given to students who can use it for their benefit. As a recipient of this award, you can ask for help regarding your experiments and projects in your college/university. In addition, you will get support in the form of financial assistance and be informed with new knowledge that will help you in the long run.

Get a Chance to Take Part in Conferences

Get exposure to world-class conferences and events by Brian Colombana Grant. The scholarship is awarded to knowledgeable and willing students to share their knowledge with others outside the university/college campus. So get ready for various conferences by investing your time and resources into this grant award!

In simple terms, you are getting vital help in fulfilling your dream by pursuing it with the help of Brian Colombana Grant. The Grant helps you have an excellent time within your college/university as a student. Any student registered in any university/college can be considered for this scholarship. With this incredible opportunity at hand, there is no point in avoiding this Grant by the Brian Colombana organization.

Why Apply for Brian Colombana Grant?

  1. Brian Colombana Grant is one of the most financially rewarding scholarships for students enrolled in an accredited university/college in the USA. The financial help with your education is just one side of Brian Colombana Grant. It gives you a chance to learn something new, develop new skills and work on various experiments in your college/university. 
  • This scholarship can greatly help, especially for financially weak students who cannot afford to pay for their courses. It also opens new doors for you to take part in various conferences and events related to your field of study. You will get a chance to meet and interact with new people as well as learn something new from them at these events. 
  • With this, you will be able to reduce the burden of tuition fees and meet you’re financial should you go on to pursue your studies at a different level. All the students who are registered with the university/college they want to apply to will get their award funds in their bank account after a few weeks or months, but some universities/colleges require a certain amount of money as a deposit before releasing your awards to them.


To conclude, this Grant will be the perfect financing source for the education that you are looking for. The best part, the process of application is entirely straightforward. Having the Brian Colombana Grant will give you a chance to have a great time in college/university. You will be able to learn new things, learn new skills, and work on various experiments with your professors. You can bring your dreams to reality only with the help of quality education. Brian Colombana Grant can help you chase your dreams with their Grant. So apply now for this scholarship from the Brian Colombana organization.