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About Brian Colombana

Brian Colombana grew up the offspring of a Nasa engineer, consistently moving around. He consumed by far most of his childhood near Seattle in the Pacific Northwest and graduated near the most elevated mark of his gathering at Edmonds Woodway High School. Often tinkering with equipment and battling in mathematical contests, it was the external where he was for the most part pleasant. There was no game he might not want to play; baseball, football, b-ball, wrestling, soccer, shaft vaulting, and when he had time, regardless, fishing and golf. He valued the resistance in all things.

After optional school, Brian pursued his reverence for computer programming (and intramural games) at the University of Washington in Seattle where he joined the Sigma Chi association. Programming created to business and he ended up graduating exactly on schedule with unique excellence in Business Administration. Regardless, a course in Business Law enthralled him to pursue graduate school and in 2002, he moved to Los Angeles to go to Southwestern University School of Law.