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Brian Colombana grew up the child of a Nasa engineer, regularly moving around. He burned through the vast majority of his youth close to Seattle in the Pacific Northwest and graduated close to the highest point of his group at Edmonds Woodway High School. Frequently fiddling with hardware and contending in numerical competitions, it was the outside where he was generally agreeable. There was no game he would not like to play; baseball, football, b-ball, wrestling, soccer, shaft vaulting, and when he had time, in any event, fishing and golf. He cherished the opposition in everything.

After secondary school, Brian sought after his adoration for software engineering (and intramural games) at the University of Washington in Seattle where he joined the Sigma Chi organization. Software engineering developed to business and he wound up graduating right on time with distinction in Business Administration. Notwithstanding, a course in Business Law captivated him to seek after graduate school and in 2002, he moved to Los Angeles to go to Southwestern University School of Law.

The Brian Colombana grant Instructions:


To apply, a candidate should be selected or acknowledged at an authorize USA school or USA University. Anyway this award will be granted dependent on our survey for your submitted Essay.

The award winner can have written a creative essay of 700-850 words addressing the following questions: “ If you were to start your own business today, what would it be and how would your company support the fight against climate change?”

The Brian Colombana grant can award 2 scholarship of $1000/- to a single outstanding university student pursuing studies in Graduate and Post Graduate.

Amount of Brian Colombana grant

The Brian Colombana grant is a one time award of $1000/-


The Deadline for this Award is: 1st August 2022.

A winner will be notified on 15th August 2022

We will notify the winner by email or a call and will post the winner name on our Facebook page and other social media.

How to Apply:

Candidate should mail, a 12 point text font, double spaced, printed Word document or Google Doc, 750-800 words words or less document titled. It should provide a unique Essay to the “ If you were to start your own business today, what would it be and how would your company support the fight against climate change?”.
Therefore send your Essay to below given email id info@briancolombanagrant.com

The following information must immediately follow your 750-800 words essay:

First Name Last Name, Phone Number
Mailing Address
Email Address
Your highschool Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
The college/university you are applying to, have been accepted to, or are currently enrolled in.
In addition your personal bio in 290 characters or less.
Current or last GPA

To apply, submit your grant application to info@briancolombanagrant.com.


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